We are specialists in legal, commercial and financial translation and interpretation in different languages. We collaborate with a great number of translators from Poland and other countries who are both our colleagues and friends. Our offer comprises all types of translation and interpretation in about 60 European and no European languages.

Types of translation:

Sworn translation:

  • notarial deeds
  • contracts
  • corporative documents
  • birth, marriage, death certificates
  • school reports, diplomas, licences
  • financial statements and auditor’s reports
  • expert opinions and legal opinions
  • medical documents
  • and many others

Specialized and other translations:

  • Web sites, catalogues, leaflets
  • technical information, instructions, projects
  • articles, papers, books
  • others


  1. consecutive (commercial negotiations and missions, signature of contracts, official acts and ceremonies, meetings, etc.)
  2. acts where presence of a sworn translator is required (signature of notarial deeds, shareholders meetings, formalities in the Registry, etc.)
  3. simultaneous